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 Tasso Zapanti received an ASCAP/GERSHWIN award in composition

presented to him by composer Morton Gould, was an artist-in-residence

at the experimental television center in Oswego, New York and was

included in Hollywood Reporter’s list of “Who’s Who” in film and television



 He has composed music for feature films, network television, corporate

videos and dance.   His film soundtrack work includes “Proud” starring

Ossie Davis and “Hanging with the Homeboys” starring John Leguizamo.  

His three self-produced albums , "Film Music", "Cinematic Plateau" &

"Reflections Upon"  are currently streaming on Spotify and Pandora radio.

They are available for digital downloads from iTunes and Amazon.


 Tasso is a versatile neo-classical composer whose ever evolving style is

influenced by an eclectic range of music ranging from the classical world of Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg to film composers such as Ennio Morricone, Mark Isham and Thomas Newman.

His colorful compositions are intellectually and emotionally rich.  By combining acoustic and electronic instruments, he is able to recreate the majestic sound of a full orchestra and beyond.  

His compositions create an atmosphere that draws the listener on a journey through space and time, filled with mystical adventures.

Tasso Zapanti 5_edited_edited.jpg

Contact:         (917) 593-5512  

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